you are not a victim you are bleach mistaken for water,
an accidental death thick with deceit
you don’t deserve sympathy you deserve to ache
and know what it feels like to answer “i’m fine i’m okay”
with needles in your eyes
and wasps in your mouth

you always stepped on ants and bees and you always hurt innocent things

The less I needed, the better I felt.

Charles Bukowski (via thequotesymposium)

You think ‘Okay, I get it, I’m prepared for the worst’, but you hold out that small hope, see, and that’s what fucks you up. That’s what kills you.
― Stephen King, “Joyland” (via grillfriend)


All I need is for you to tell me the truth but I gave up on that day coming.

Don’t be so vain to think that you ruined me,
that you wrecked me,
destroyed me.

I am the only one who has the power to do that.

I loved you, and I ruined myself,
I wrecked myself,
I destroyed myself.

And I will keep doing so for as long as I am breathing.
― Amanda Helm - The Day I Learned That I was Broken (via perfect)


I support thick thighs

Sometimes I come crashing down inside myself without anyone noticing.
― Yehuda Amichai, You Mustn’t Show Weakness (via cityandcolourblind)



City and Colour - Comin’ Home

But I just have one last question..